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Tuesday, 26/04/2016 15:11 GMT+7
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De Haas Transport is one of South Africa’s logistic leaders when it comes to hauling abnormal loads. We have been hauling heavy cargo cross border for major South African companies since 1997. Thus, if you are looking for cross border transport, we are the company to approach. We can, and will, offer you the best customised cross border transport business solutions, irrelevant of your business size or products.

Core Functions:

- Abnormal loads, such as yellow metal transport, over long and short distances.

- Focus on efficiency, productivity, real-time management of running costs and high quality maintenance ensures minimum number of vehicles required per contract to meet our respective clients' needs. This transpires in lower capital investment, which in turn leads to reduced transport costs to our clients.

- Cross border transport to all African countries, except Angola.

- Escort vehicles available to trek with the trucks and to help ensure that all goes according to plan.

- All our trucks are equipped with satellite tracking systems. With this, we can keep our clients informed 24hours a day as to where the cargo is throughout the whole of Africa.

De Haas Transport has positioned itself as an all-round abnormal load logistics provider, and not just as a cross border transport company focusing on selective transport solutions. We offer our clients a fleet of low beds with the capacity to move machines and equipment from 5 tons all the way up to 100 tons. The fleet consists of the latest models, including 3 axle, 4 axle, 4 axle dolly, 4 axle double dolly Martin low beds.

If that isn’t enough, we also have the capacity of an additional 25 low beds. These are made available through our network of business associates which have all been handpicked, high quality, reputable, service delivery orientated companies.

The fact of the matter is that when you need to move Earth Moving equipment, you need the help of a specialised company who not only have the knowledge but also the experience. Transporting such abnormal loads across the South African border is no easy feat.

To be able to haul such extremely large cargo the trucks have to be in tip-top condition. Then there is the matter of choosing your drivers; they have to be trustworthy and knowledgeable in the specialised field of moving abnormal loads.

Then there is the matter of crossing into African countries where the quality of roads is even more alarming than South Africa’s. You will need the help of a company who knows their way around the African countries, which can be quite dangerous. Of course, before you can even enter into these countries, you will require the proper paperwork, which we’ll be able to assist you with.

So contact De Haas Transport , and you will soon come to depend on the excellent services, advice, and general professionalism and expertise. With a company that has been gaining a notable reputation for the past decade or so, we know how to handle your most difficult cross border transportation business needs.

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