Successful Microsurfacingtrial using ADCo Emulsion technology for pavement maintenance

Wednesday, 30/01/2019 15:01 GMT+7
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Microsurfacingusing ADgrip® (Cationic Quick Setting Polymer Modified Emulsion from ADCo) shows good performance after over 1 year of service. The Skid resistance and macrotexture are stable and the pavements does not show any signs of cracking or shoving.

After 1 yearof  layingMicrosurfacing using ADgrip® emulsion of ADCo, trial section in HW21B
is still in good condition with high roughness, even, no cracking even under high intensity of traffic with heavy trucks & containers

After 12 months of service, the Microsurfacing Trial section performance has been evaluated by the Institute of Transport Science and Technology, with the participation of the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transport, Directorate for Roads in Vietnam, professors - PhD in materials research faculty and some road management units..

Evaluation report of the Institute of Transport Science and Technology stated: "Surface is even, meets requirements of TCVN8864:2011. Surface roughness and skid resistance have been

Microsurfacing technology is a preventive maintenance solution applied on relatively sound pavement with an average thickness of 10mm.

Microsurfacing application can be done multiple times and therefore can be considered as a very cost-effective solution over the life cycle of pavement. 

significantly improved compared to the previous surface (before layingmicrosurfacing)while maintaining a good level over the evaluation period. All results are compliant with the TCVN standards.

The trialhas also been evaluated with the support of representatives from Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transport, Vietnam Directorate for Roads, professors and leading experts in road materials industry. 

Dr. Tran Dinh Buu said that Microsurfacing technology using ADCo emulsionshows very satisfactory results and can be a reliable solution forroad surface maintenance. For the past decade,this technology has been widely implemented around the world as road authorities priority is to keep the road surface in good and safecondition in a sustainable way, "It is essential to develop such technology in Vietnam".

Institute of Transport Science and Technology measuring roughness by sand patch method

Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung - Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transport also said that the ADCo Emulsionused in trial meets their technical requirements. In the near future, the Ministry of Transport will issue the national standard TCVN ofMicrosurfacing in order to encourage all parties involved in maintenance to use thistechnology on their projects.

As a leading supplier and expert in Road materials industry, ADCo can design tailor-made asphalt emulsion according to specific requirements of eachMicrosurfacing project.

Established in 1993, ADCo, asubsidiary of Tipco Asphalt and Colas Groups, is a leading supplier of bitumen and emulsion in Vietnam. ADCo has been leading the way forward with breakthrough innovations such as polymer modified bitumen (PMB), asphalt 40/50 and high performance emulsion for new construction and maintenance. Thanks to its international expertise  and long lasting experience in Vietnam, ADCocan provide tailor made solutions to any contractors who willing to develop Microsurfacing technology in Viet Nam.

HW21B has an intensive traffic with speeds up to 80km/h and heavy vehicles.The road has been used for 4 years and it was a good time to try microsurfacing in order to prevent potential moisture damage and oxidation. The pavement was also showing signs of low macrotexture and such issue could have cause the reduction of the speed limit of vehicles and negative impact ontraffic safety, especially during rainy season.

According to Mr. Le Tam, Country Manager of ADCo, he said: "After laying one layer of Microsurfacing, surface is homogeneous, with an average thickness of 10mm, which can extend the service life of the road a couple of years, restore the skid resistance while protecting the pavement from moisture and improve the traffic safety. After such encouraging results from the trial, itshowsthat this technology is suitable with the actualroad conditionsin Viet Nam".

1 year ago, ADCo did trial of Microsurfacingin
HW21B with fast application and open to traffic after 1-2 hours

Regional Technical Manager of Colas Group in Southeast Asia, Mr. Christophe Duboscq also said that the ADgrip®emulsion is designed to suit the conditions in Vietnam such as hot climate, high humidity and highintensity of traffic.

Microsurfacing mixtures include aggregate thoroughly mixed with polymer asphalt emulsions, along with mineral fillers (usually cement), water and chemical additives to control the curing time. All these materials are mixed ina machine mounted on a special vehicle, the mixture is transferred to the spreader box, then laying a thin layer of Microsurfacing on the pavement and rolling is not required.

The application time is fast and can be opened to traffic after 1-2 hours in good weather conditions. Because this thanks to rapid chemical breaking, material selection and properMicrosurfacing design. The performance of Microsurfacing is highly depend on emulsion and this trial has been success thanks to the product supplied by ADCo combine with strong experience from Colas group which is expert in road construction & maintenance worldwide"


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