The 9th Meeting of the APSN Council

Tuesday, 22/11/2016 15:47 GMT+7
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The 9th Meeting of the APSN Council opened on 7th Nov, in Penang, Malaysia. The Council meeting will be held on 7&10 and the APSN workshop on Dangerous Goods Handling will be held on 8-9 Nov 2016.

The APSN Council Members from Canada, China, Hong Kong China, Janpan, Malaysia, the Philippines, PNG, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Mr. Dato Abdullah Yusuff Bin Basiron, First Vice President of the APSN Council opened the meeting and welcomed all Council Members to the meeting in particular those new Council Members and Papua New Guinea,who are attending a Council meeting for the first time. The meeting had an intensive discussion about the key issues related with the APSN development, including APSN five year Strategic Plan, GPAS implementation, APSN Study Center, the review of the APSN’s mandate and constitution, setting up liaison network and action plan for 2017. Update on Membership Dues Collection, APSN Budget for 2017, APSN Progress Report and Port Development Report 2015, as well as outcomes of the APSN Workshop.

The 5th Meeting of the APSN Advisory Board was held at the same time simultaneously. The Advisory Board Members from China, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thai Lan and Vietnam were reported the key the main issues related the GPAS implementation, the review of the APSN’s mandate and constitution and Action Plan for 2017 and propounded their ideas and suggestions about the documents and the development of APSN.

The Council thanked the Secretariat for the update on Five-Year Strategic Plan and agreed that it helped to guide the APSN’s activities and key objectives. This also helps to build the APSN’s brand and future directions. The Councill recognized the importance of the participation of Advisory Board Members, and encouraged them to continue active participation in APSN activities.

The Council recognized the effort by the Secretariat regardng the further development of GPAS amd emcouraged ports in the APEC region to apply for the future awarding years. Council Members also encouraged to promote the GPAS within their own economies and to provide expexts for the pool of experts for the evaluation of future applications. Council endorsed the seven recipiencts of the GPAS for 2016 and congratulated them on their achievement. They are: Bangkok Port, Thailand; Jurong Port Private Limited, Sinapore; Ningbo Port Co.Ltd.,Beilun Second container Terminare Branch, China; Port Klang, Malaysia; Port of Singapore, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore; Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia; Qinghuangdao Port Co.Ltd, Sixth Port Branch, China.

The Council adopted the implementation plan for membership dues collection recognizing that it will be an evergreen document to be continuously improved and updated. Council also agreed that the membership benefits package is critical in demonstrating the value of the APSN. Council Members were requested to promote APSN in their respective economies and to encourage their ports and related sectors to join APSN.

The Council thanked the Secretariat for the progress report and expressed its appreciation to the Secretariat for their work over the past year. Council noted the development of the new website as a positive step in the promotion of the APSN.

The Council agreed that all presentations made at the Workshop will be available on the APSN website for easy access. Council also agreed that the Workshop report will be shared with all speakers and will be posted on the APSN’s website for access by all Members as well as the general public, and will also be provided for information to the APEC TPT-WG meeting and its Maritime Experts Group.

Due to Mr.Tim Meisner had retired from Canadian Public service and resigned his position as President of the APSN Council. As nominated by Singapore, China and Vietnam, the Council unanimously elected Ms.Joyce Henry – Director General of International Marine Policy, Transport Canada Department of Ministry of Transport Canada, as President of the Council for two year term and Mr. Mr. Dato Abdullah Yusuff Bin Basiron was re-eclected as first Vice President of the Council for a two year term.

Council expressed a willingness to have the future meetings of the APSN set out in advance on a rotational basis to the extent possible. Council Member of Vietnam confirmed the hosting of the APSN Council Meeting and Workshop in November 2017.


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